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Morning Announcements

April 3

by Lori May | Apr 03, 2018

Today’s News
April 2nd was Autism Awareness Day.  1 in 94 people are diagnosed with ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder.  To raise awareness about autism, we are asking all Period 1 teachers to check their email and watch the Autism video at the beginning of Period 1 today so that we can all better understand ASD.  We will also be selling Autism awareness ribbons during lunch today for $2.  Together, we can create a more understanding inclusive community at E.L. Crossley!

Clubs and Activities
There is jazz band today after school from 2:30-4:00

Just a reminder that there will be math help today at lunch in room 316 with Mr. Noel.  All are welcome!

ALL Crossley rowers should be prepared to train after school today.
If the experienced rowers are going to the tank or water there will be an announcement via email.
Otherwise you are here and practice will go until 5pm.
Multi sporters should come after their practice and be plan on getting in an hour of rowing work. Workout areas open until 5pm
Please be at practice.
If you miss practice without explanation or a makeup plan your first day on the water will be delayed and replaced by another land workout.
Almost there...ice is melting as we speak. Go blue and gold!


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