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Morning Announcements

June 13

by Lori May | Jun 13, 2018

Today’s News
AAPex Contest
Learn to drive defensively and get your license four months earlier!
Fill out a contest ballot to qualify for $200 off of Aapex Driving Academy’s Beginner Driver Education program.  Contest closes June 14th, Winner will be announced Tuesday June 19th.  Ballots are available in the main office.

Clubs and Activities
The Crossley Chess Team is to be congratulated for their amazing results in Kingston versus the other Provinces this weekend. The team finished in a tie for first place with a 14-6 record. Considering that some of the best players in Canada were there, this result is outstanding.  The team was awarded the Bronze trophies after the computer algorithm did the tie-breaking. Team members were: John H., Anna P., Zack P., Larisa P..
Well done team!

To all track & field athletes, you must have your singlets returned by Friday of this week or you will be fined $60.

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