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Morning Announcements

Message from Mrs. Sargeant

by Lori May | Oct 09, 2018

Message from Mrs. Sargeant:

Good Morning,


On Friday’s PD Day, our staff had a very informative learning session about vaping.  Our school nurse, Wendy is here every Monday and is happy to meet with any student so you can learn more about the risks and harms of vaping among teens.  She described vaping as a, “Health Risk Crisis” because it is an unregulated market and the long-term effects are still unknown.  Wendy will be at Parent Teacher interviews on October 18th as well.  There is also a Teen and Vaping Information Session on Thursday, October 25th, from 6-7:30 pm at the McBain Community Center in Niagara Falls.

We know that the vast majority of ELC students respect and follow the rules, and that you do not vape in the school, but there are a few who need to be reminded.  So, please understand that vaping is not permitted in this school or any other municipal or public building.  If you choose to vape, you must do so at lunch break in the designated area, at the end of the driveway.

Frankly, it is our responsibility to make sure that this building is safe for everyone.  No student should have to walk into a washroom/changeroom/or any other area of the school and be subjected to a cloud of chemical vape.  If you choose to vape, you must do so in the designated area. Failure to do so will result in discipline.

Here is what we expect; we expect to be respectful and follow the rules, do not hang out in the washrooms, limit your bathroom breaks to transition times and use the washroom for what they are designed and intended for.

We have lots of opportunities to learn more about vaping.  Come down to guidance and make an appointment with our health nurse Wendy to learn more.

Progress Reports:

Progress Reports are being distributed in class this morning.  Your will notice that the progress reports look slightly different as the categories are; “Progressing with Difficulty”, “Progressing Well”, and “Progressing Very Well” rather than letter grades or percentages. 

The Learning Skills and Work Habits are reported using the categories “N- Needs Improvement”, or “G- Good”, which are few categories then the mid-term and final report card.

This report is an opportunity to see where you are now and set a course for the rest of the semester.  If you receive a “Progressing with Difficult” talk with your teacher to see what needs to happen from now until Mid-term.  Connect with Mr. Jugley, Mr. Lockhart, or in Guidance, we are here to help. If you are Progressing Very Well – keep it up! 

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