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The Student Council is an active democratic organization of students responsible for the co-ordination and assistance of extracurricular activities. It is the official voice of the students, and acts as liaison between the student body and the Administration. The Student Council recognizes, approves and reviews all fundraising of the school, and may provide leadership for the organization and activities of all school events or clubs. It is also the objective of the Student Council to create and maintain a high level of school spirit for the student body as a whole. The council secretary is our liaison to the greater Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce, our adopted partner in business and industry.

The Student Council is comprised of the following elected positions:

Prime Minister 
Deputy Prime Minister 
Minister of Finance 
Minister of Social Affairs 
Senior Reps: 1 OAC, 1 Grade 12 
Grade 11 Rep 
Grade 10 Rep 
Grade 9 Rep 
Athletic Rep(2)