Lets Catch Up

Wednesday September 29, 2021

by Lori May | Sep 29, 2021

Today’s News

Rowan’s Law Day today – reflect and remember the importance of health and concussion protocols.  Each class will be visited by our business leadership class to learn more about Rowan Stringer.

If you are taking the late bus home today, please come to the main office at lunch to sign up.


Are you terrified of public speaking?  Do you love public speaking?  Either way - this club is for you!  Improv club starts today after school. Don't let the word improv scare you!  Come to the drama room 110 after school tonight and check it out.  It could be life changing - plus you are guaranteed to laugh a lot!   We play loads of group games - and you are never put on the spot - unless you want to be!  Wear loose comfortable clothing and running shoes.  Be prepared to go outside!

The Crossley Film Club, also known as The Oddity Film Society, will have a quick meeting at the beginning of lunch today in room 305. 


A secret group is buried deep inside the school. There is more to this team than meets the eye. I am Mr. Blanchard, calling all Athletic Council members, new and old: It is time to come home. We are here... we are waiting on Thursday at the beginning of lunch in the large gym. See Mr. Blanchard if you have any further questions.

FROM GOLF:  We celebrated our first competition of the year this past Monday.  Our golf team of Nathan F., Lucas M., Blake F., Ethan B., Brandon B. competed at Twenty Valley golf course and battled to fourth place finish and just missed out to qualify for SOSSA next week.  Congratulations to Nathan Freure who is invited to the Ontario Golf Elite Training Camp next week.  Good luck Nathan! 

Junior boys’ volleyball, you have a practice today after school. Meet in the small gym.

Sr. Boys you have a practice today after school in the large gym.