Lets Catch Up

Monday June 13, 2022

by Lori May | Jun 13, 2022


There will be a lockdown drill P4 today.  Your teachers will take you through slides that describe the process and then we will practice.  Please remember to be calm and cooperative.  We hope that the lock down will only take 10min.

Just a reminder we are in the last couple of weeks of school. It is important that you arrive at your classes on time. Please remember that transition time is there to get you from where you are to where you are going. Please only use the bathrooms to do exactly what it was designed for. No congregating in the halls or bathrooms.

Don't forget Aapex Driving school ballot is in the main office- contest closes June 15th

Attention to all students who will be heading into grade 11 for September.  The list of students who have a conflict has been posted in the D2L- Grade 10 class.  Please check to see if your name is on that list. MAke an appointment immediately to resolve this.  At this time Guidance is only seeing appointments for conflicts and summer school registrations.  Students wishing to change courses will have to wait until September.

Yearbook will be selling signature pages for $2 at lunch in the caf today! Everyone is welcome to purchase them!

Attention to all Grade 12 Students who completed Grade 12 Chemistry last semester, if you are interested in completing the Titration Lab, please see Mr. Petro in Room 406 at the start of lunch to discuss a date and time.